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I love that you take the bins downstairs.
I love that you have found a way to combine your technical knowledge with your creative passion - embracing your inner geek. And that even though we have started this for different reasons, we can share this passion together.
I love the fact that I'm always discovering new things with you, about France, about Australia, about the world.
I love the way you talk to Symphony as if she's really listening (because she is, and we both know that).
I love that you drive my friends home, even when it's really late and we've spent hours being obnoxious.
I love that you teach me things - which sorts of animals live where and why a certain cheese tastes the way it does.
I love the way we talk as we make dinner every night. These are truly precious moments for me.
I love feeling your wedding ring when I hold your hand.
I love your hundreds of different sorts of smiles. And the dimples that accompany every one.
I love the way that you'll do my counting for me. And multiplication. And division. And everything else to do with sums.
I love that for every day we spend together, we multiply our memories by one hundred.
I love that you put up with my crankiness, my moods, my capriciousness.
I love that I can fart in front of you. And that all you'll do is fart back.
I love that you keep sugar cubes in the car, "for dogs and horses". Even though we live in the city.
I love the way you make me want to be a better person.
I love that you know that a baby kangaroo is called a Joey.
I love your accent when you're tired, "look at zis tummeeee on zis leetle kitten!".
I love the way that your qualities compliment my own - your strengths are my weaknesses, and we are just right together.

I have done it before, and would travel the world a thousand times over to be with you.
I'm lucky to have you in my life.
Happy anniversary, my love.

Coming out of the Mairie : rice being thrown!

Katia & Sylvain wedding 2003

Dear Charlie

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Only you would manage to pick up what is likely to be a tropical disease on your last day in Papua New Guinea. Obviously a tropical ulcer was not enough. Thankfully you made it to an Australian hospital.

Don't hassle the nurses too much. Get better quick, 'cos mum and dad are waiting to pick you guys up, not to mention that you have a wedding to plan! I love you lots, baby sister.



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