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Saturday morning haiku


I pace the kitchen
where the bin sits, full, waiting;
Sylvain is not here.

Minds eye


We had so much fun taking photos in Australia that we realised we had a slight problem.

We BOTH wanted to hold the camera.

I've been heavily into photography for the last six years, and was so thrilled to work my way up to a digital reflex last year. Sylvain had used a traditional reflex for quite some time, but had relegated it to the shelf a few years ago, and picking up the digital camera refuelled his enthusiasm. He's very technically minded, and the challenges posed by photography from a technical perspective really intrigue him - and on top of that, the creative possibilities offer just another exciting challenge.

So we simply had to find a solution. An economic plan and a few weeks of searching online through second hand listings later, and we now have another camera body. Hopefully it will stop us arguing ;)

I find photography fascinating from a creative perspective - capturing moments in time, looking at things in an unusual light. I am lucky to have a job that requires a lot of visual creativity, and relish activities that continue to encourage this. My writing still has a big priority in my life, and I'm lucky to be paid to do it for fun too, but the path that I have taken surprises me. I remember totally rejecting the possibility of the visual arts as a career relatively early on because I was not encouraged to do so at school... yet here I am. So I am relishing the opportunity to explore this further.

I think we will spend much of this year learning to see things in a different light, looking for excuses to go out together and explore.

Challenging each other and ourselves. Wondering if I prefer miniscule reflections of life in just one drop or the starry effects that explode on paper. And deciding that I like both.

Miniscule reflections of life in just one drop

Explosion of stars in a spider web


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