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Of everything

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Um. Yeah. I've been a bad blogger, according to my dad.

I do have a couple of small excuses though, if you're willing to forgive me : busy busy busy, and some jerk hacked my website which has made me Very Cranky Indeed and which has resulted in a new installation of my blogging software and the loss of my design. I have been holding off blogging because the design wasn't in place (as a designer, the idea of using something that is not my own totally freaks me out), but my dad has been whinging that I haven't been blogging, so here I am swallowing my pride... So, hopefully, one day, if I have some free time, I'll redesign the blog and I will feel MUCH better.

So what have I been up to? Lots and lots of podcasting. Lots and lots and lots of picnics and exciting adventures to do with the podcast. Hanging out with friends and meeting lots of fabulous people from all over the world - mostly thanks to the podcast. We've had some wonderful visitors. Theatre in the countryside (where I'm TOTALLY over my fear of singing in public. Just try to shut me up now). Musicals in Paris. I'm swamped with work, but got a promotion, so all the hard slog has paid off. We've also been skyping a lot with Australia. Playing the Wii. And skyping at the same time. I love the internet. And when we haven't been having adventures, we've been planning lots of adventures to come!

There have been a few crappy times in amongst it all, but for the major part, it's been fun. And isn't that life?

Later today we're heading off to the airport again, not to take a jet plane, but to pick up some people who have flown all the way from the land of Oz. Over the next three and a half weeks, we're planning a voyage across the channel (including Sherwood forest, the West End and the Highland Games), a mini tour de France and plenty of adventures (including celebrating 2 years of podcasting!). I'm bouncing with the excitement of it all.

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging again... Whilst I have been able to be creative in all sorts of other ways lately, I have missed it...

is this thing on?

*tap tap*

Secrets de famille


Whilst I'm not normally one to pimp other peoples blogs, when they're a blood relative (I actually typed blog relative, heh), I'm really obliged to do so, aren't I? So go and give my mum some blog loving as she celebrates her true début in the blogging world. With her two daughters gallavanting around the world, and between Tshirts of the Day and my own tales of ritual humiliation, she was really obliged to find a way keep us up to date with all the happenings back in the magical land of Oz.

Now I just need to convince my dad that he needs a blog and the whole family will be in on it. Scary. That is, of course, only if I can convince him that a computer can actually be used for things other than sending funny emails and playing Solitaire.

(I am still smoothing some bugs out over there, so forgive me for the odd broken link)

The next step


I knew it was moving along, but I didn't realise that our relationship had quite gotten to that stage... but, if you want to offer me the keys to your humble abode, I'm ok with that.

Just as long as you're ok with the fact that I'm planning on throwing some pretty wild parties whilst you're gone (and I'm sure she's got similar ideas).

Guest bloggers are supposed to misbehave. After all, it's not me that has to clean up when they all go home. ;)

By (y)our powers combined


First there was the Expat Blogger Meet in a Dutch Bar where we ate Dutch Meatballs and drank Pink Cosmopolitains - now it's time for the Pick Knickers Expat Blogger Meet Picnic !.

So reserve Saturday 25th June from midday for the Picnic, and a Nighttime Session for those who have the stamina!

This is not just for expats or bloggers or for bloggers who are expats, but anyone who is interested, really. It's just an excuse for a bunch of people to get together and bask in the Parisian sun (here's hoping that we don't jinx the weather).

Put your name on the list over at Antipodéesse's blog (or send her an email at antipodeesse AT yahoo DOT fr) or with Petite Anglaise and you'll get some more details in the next few days.

Time for toys

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You know what's cool?

Blogging in bed.

Just cos I can.

Although it is a battle to stop Symphony from installing herself on the keyboard. There's only one thing for it - I'll just have to keep doing it so that she gets used to it.

Dutch bars serve good gooey meatballs


The expat blogger meet last night actually started off with a serious crisis.

I was supposed to meet a couple of bloggers who had come into Paris a little early when I finished work, and I had all the intentions in the world to do so. But then disaster struck. I rang one of the bloggers and said, "I will be late! Shoe crisis! Must go!"

You see, I had walked past André, and saw some shoes that I had to have. Super cute! Black! Flower attached! What more can I say? So I bought them, went back to work and deposited my old shoes, put the new ones on, and finally met up with the bloggers. For some strange reason, they thought I had broken a heel or something overly dramatic like that, and didn't quite see the same level of crisis in the situation as I did. Hmph. I cannot help it. I am only human. This is Paris.

But the uncanniest thing ever? Aimee squealed, "Look at our shoes!" And they were the same. Great minds think alike. What a crazy world we live in.

But anyway...

I'm not sure how to sum up the fantastic event that was the actual expat bloggers meet. It was fabulous to put faces and voices (and accents!) to these blogs, and it was amazing how quickly the time went - I didn't get a chance talk properly to everyone! It was totally unlike anything I've ever done, because we all knew things about each other, even though most of us had never met before, and we all had really major things in common - language, foreigner-ness, writing, a love of communication. There was just something different about it, and it made it a really unique event.

Then, of course, there were the Pink Cosmopolitains (and the accompanying glowsticks). Mmmm. I have a new love. (Thankfully no nightmares this time.)

Thankyou Petite for organising it. You are a legend, girl. And your bum didn't look big. ;)

Some interesting facts
Most common statements concerning my blog : "so who is Spinach?", "THANKYOU for the explanation of who Spinach is!", and "I figured that the mysterious Spinach had to be part of a sibling rivalry sort of thing".

Most touching questions : "is Symphony feeling better?" and "did Sylvain get to Sweden alright?"

(Symphony is feeling MUCH better. Sylvain got to Sweden ok - he smsed me last night to say was been eating roast moose, and tonight he smsed to say that he was eating reindeer. Trust a Frenchman to describe his experience of a country based on the food.)

Happy snapper


Apart from eating muffins and sniffing and sneezing and snuffling (I have a cold - boohoo), this weekend I've also set up my photolog. At the moment, it mostly contains happy snaps from when Charlie was here in France, but I'll keep snapping and keep uploading, so hopefully I'll improve.

Damn the spam

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I have had to delete several hundred spam comments over the last couple of weeks. The fact that they have to be approved before they hit my site (hence do not even appear on my site because hell will freeze over before I approve those horrible spammy comments) is not a fact which seems to dissuade them.

I understand that there is a problem with MT3 rebuilding itself even if the comments are held in unapproved limbo status. I need to run the MT update sometime in the next few weeks, because the amount of spam is beginning to make my hands shake.

Just keep swimming

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Monday morning -"how about we give you one of our magazines to "re-look"?"

Whilst I am, of course, delighted to get my grubby little fingers on this horribly fugly magazine and give it a serious working over, tomorrow morning is the deadline for my proposals, and I'm now bloody exhausted. It was a trying process, for many and varied reasons. Hence the lack of blogging for the last 48 hours.

The next few days should be less hectic, however, so I might get around to taking the odd 10 minutes off work here and there to catch up on emails and various bloggity-doo-dads.


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