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Métro people #52,446


I was sitting where I normally sit on the métro - on a folding seat at the back of the métro carriage, facing forwards. I like sitting there because I feel like I'm out of the way of other people. I'm sure that we all have the places we prefer to sit, for a variety of reasons.

At the stop after mine, a lady of a certain age got on the métro carriage, carrying two bags and wearing a giant red coat. Despite there being plenty of free seats available (facing both forwards and backwards), she immediately placed herself in the tiny space between me and the guy on the other folding seat at the back of the carriage. She placed her two bags on the floor and proceeded to spend a good five minutes removing her coat, rearranging her scarf, huffing and sighing and pouting all the while.

At one point I absently reached up and tucked some hair behind my ear with my right hand. My elbow was out and she deliberately leaned into it - "pardon!" I exclaimed. She just glared at me.

For a full twenty-three minutes she stood between the guy on the other folding seat and myself. I watched the carriage fill up slowly with people, then empty out again as we passed through a métro hub. At the twenty-three minute mark, she let out an enormous sigh (several people turned around to look at her, she was so loud) and sat down just across from me. She spread her belongings out on the folding seat beside her, and proceeded to glare at me and the guy next to me. I bowed my head slightly and glanced at him quickly - he rolled his eyes and sat there quietly, a small smile playing in the corner of his mouth.

At the next stop, I collected my things, got up and stepped off the carriage, looking back briefly to see that she was still glaring at me.

I chuckled. Out loud.

I know I've seen her before. She does the same thing every single time - stands stubbornly waiting for one of us to get up (which has never happened, that I can remember). I don't see the point in giving her my seat when there are SO many other seats available (especially since she's not elderly, nor does she appear incapacitated in any way). And en plus, every single time I've seen her, at a certain point in the trip, she sits down in a spot which is clearly unsatisfactory to her, and heaves a giant sigh.

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