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Lady of the 5th

A voluptuous blonde in her late fifties walked into Franprix, the local supermarket, and said a husky "bonjour". 

Everyone, EVERYONE, turned around to look.

As many times as I've heard people say "bonjour" when they enter a doctors waiting room in this country, I've never heard someone utter "bonjour" when they enter a supermarket. 

Who was she saying hello to? 
This was a lady who was used to being noticed.

The woman at the cashier snorted, then glanced at me to make sure I wasn't offended. I grinned and winked back.

The blonde sashayed down the aisles until she arrived at the dog food section.

Of course.

I'd been so distracted by the big hair that I hadn't noticed the shivering dog in her handbag.

The 5th arrondissement of Paris is a colourful place.

Like an elephant

"You're thumping like an elephant!" 

My dad said this at least once a day as I was growing up. Running across the floorboards from one end of the house to the other - a jumble of elbows and legs as we skidded around corners and raced through the hallway to land, giggling, on the couch - my sister and I probably did sound somewhat similar to that scene from the Lion King when the herd of wildebeests stampeded across the plains of Africa.

As I head down the corridor to the photocopier and back again, I arrive at my office, aware that I've been walking rather heavily. "Thumping like an elephant" runs through my head and the last few steps back to my desk are dainty, like a ballerina, as I apologise to my dad in my head. I plop into my chair, determined to walk less like an elephant next time. 

Inevitably however, unlike the elephant who never forgets, I do forget, and I continue thumping, and the cycle continues. With only slightly less giggling.

La rentrée

La rentrĂ©e. 
A new start. A reboot. For many things.
Exciting new projects. 
Looking at myself, inside and out, making changes.
There's always room for improvement.
Finding inspiration in the many creative, talented people in my life.
Who I'm lucky to have in my life.
Enjoying this time, this place, for what it is.
Throwing myself in headfirst.
Making a fool of myself, perhaps.
Laughing a lot.
A step forward.

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