In which Katia learns English


Katia happens to be on the phone with a supplier, "Ohh, so you write graphic the English way in your company name?"
The supplier replies, "oh no, not like the English at all. It's spelled G-R-A-P-H-I-C."
Katia is perplexed, "ok. so you DO write it the English way?"
The Supplier is frustrated, "um no, i told you it's not. the English spell it G-R-A-F-I-C!"
Katia is bemused, "oh really?"

No wonder my English is going down the drain.

psst. is this blog still working?


Oh my gods, so i had it bookmarked to leave you a comment on the 24 of April asking why you hadn't posted in a year. And then you go ahead and wreck my plans with two days to go.

You so take all the fun out of my life :-)

oh hullo. :)

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