I love Paris in the springtime

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Spring in Paris means blue skies, blindingly bright sunlight, the occasional citron pressé on a sunny terrace at lunchtime, Parisians shedding their black winter coats and venturing into the occasional splash of colour, flowers blooming everywhere.

I take longer to get to work in the morning because I can't resist burying my nose in the cherry blossoms.

view from the window of the coffee table studio

i bury my nose

I put away my winter shoes and pull out my sandals with glee. My feet are free!

Spring also means that I have to wash my feet as soon as I get home. Sandals are lovely, but the amount of grime you get on your feet as you walk around Paris is staggering.

I like the analogy that Paris as a city is like a crazy old aunt who, for all her oddities, you just can't help but love.

I imagine her getting dressed up for Spring, with flowers and sparkly jewels in her hair, but underneath the pretty sandals, she has grimy feet too.

1 Comment

Hey there...

Happy Spring! I just posted my cherry blossom pics on my blog! We went to the Parc de Sceaux yesterday and saw that the white flowers were in bloom (not all of the trees, though). The pink ones aren't ready yet.... I love your pics..
Happy Sunday,

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