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Slow progress

Sylvain came home from work and we sat on either end of the couch, our respective feet up, chatting about our days.

"How is your toe going?" he asked.

We both stare at my toe, which I proceed to wriggle for the first time since the operation.

"Getting much better, I think!" I exclaim with glee, and continue to wriggle my toe happily.

Then, out of nowhere, like a bolt of lightning, Symphony pounces on it.

I think we have gone backwards about half a day in terms of recovery.

I really should know better.


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So, the last nurse was female. The new one is male. He's cute too.

But it WAS a bit weird to welcome him into the apartment, say "the bedroom is this way, we'll do it in there" and proceed to sit on the bed expectantly. Ahem...

Before he proceeded to take them out today, I asked him how many stitches I had in my toe.

(Animesh, you win).

Where YOUR stitches at?

People keep asking how many stitches I have in my poor toe.

Is it bad that I can't actually say?

Every time the nurse (who is super cute, by the way) comes to change my bandage, I cover my eyes until she's done.


I had a wee bit of an operation this week.

Actually, it turned out to be a bigger deal than we initially thought, so I'm off work for a couple of weeks whilst I recover.

Whilst my big toe recovers, actually.

It's a bit strange, being off work for all this time, waiting for my big toe to get better. It sounds rather ridiculous when you put it like that.

So anyway, the operation was on Wednesday. General anaesthetic and all that. Fun and games and adventures in French hospitals which will surely be recounted on future episodes of the podcast.

Fast forward through a painful night (once the local anaesthetic they put on my foot wore off, I understood why the doctor thought it was hilarious that I argued about how much time off he was giving me) to Thursday morning.

I can't actually really walk right now, so at around 10am, I figure out how to shuffle/crawl/drag myself out from the bedroom to the lounge room and onto the couch, where I settle in to watch endless episodes of Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Dexter and Ugly Betty, as I drift in and out of sleep.

Then Symphony goes and vomits.

In the furtherest place possible yet still visible from the couch.

I lie on the couch, staring at the puddle of cat vomit, wondering if I can manage to hold out until Sylvain gets home from work and cleans it up.

Then I start feeling guilty about the fact that he's already put up with a lot of my drama already (ie. listening to me chatter incessantly whilst we wait for the surgeon who is 3 hours late in starting my procedure), AND the fact that the puddle of vomit is right at the front door and in Prime First Foot Position for walking in the door.

Eventually the guilt gets the better of me and (pausing Gossip Girl, of course, you can't imagine that I would let a moment of that drama unfold without being in front of the computer screen?) I drag myself around and clean up the messs.

Clearly she didn't get the memo about me Not Being Able To Walk At The Moment.

Or maybe she did, and she's just chosen my weakest moment to get back at me for buying Light Cat Food.

(Note: it's taken me a good few hours to write this entry, as I drift in and out of the cloudy-headedness that goes with happy pills! yay for the happy pills!)


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