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With a name like this, i had to get em

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we went for a walk and i sat in a tree

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Just a typical view in scotland

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Travelling with Small Children has been an adventure, all the more so because they're so darn cute and say the most hilarious things ("I had to stop going down the slide after two goes because a bug came near me"). But even more adventuresome than travelling with two Small Children? Travelling with an unexpectedly pregnant lady! Very interesting indeed.

We drove around the English countryside a lot, discovering the Cotswolds and some standing stones,

Felicity, at the Rollright Stones

The Rollright Stones

and an English castle garden.

An English Garden, at Broughton Castle

Then we found ourselves in Nottingham, eating lunch at the oldest inn in England,

The oldest pub in England

meeting up with Kyliemac and co for some Robin Hood adventures.

The Muffin Man, Ryan and Kyliemac at Nottingham Castle

Then we went down to London, where we flitted around the city, saw a couple of shows, and did the usual touristy things.

The Muffin Man at the Tower Bridge, London

Big Ben

The entrance to the city of London

And then we drove up to Scotland through the incredible Lake District. Throughout the whole drive, we talked about when we were going to come back...

Driving through the Lake District

We've been sucked into the whirlwind of summer holiday adventures for the last couple of weeks. As my moblogging has shown, we've been running around all sorts of different places and having tremendous fun doing so with Old Friends and their Small Children. I would spend the next three days writing if I tried to go into all the details (and anyway, we're saving up some of the really juicy bits for the podcast), but here is a bit of a glimpse of what we got up to in our first few days away :

After playing in Paris for a couple of days,

Claire, playing in the water at Paris Plage

we jumped on a ferry in Calais and made our way over to Dover,

The ferry gang at Dover

The muffin man and the white cliffs of Dover

Claire and Phil at Dover Castle

Roman ruins at Dover Castle

then wandered around Leeds Castle for a day,

Leeds Castle

Felicity and Alexis at Leeds Castle

and finally headed up to Northamptonshire and stayed on a farm for a few days.



There are more photos on flickr, and there will be more to come...

At the Highland Games

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Off to avenue q

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No one mourns the wicked - but i do

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Stumbling upon stuff in london

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Taking the tube

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k&k do nottingham

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Oldest pub in england

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A day out at leeds castle

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Staring into the sun at dover castle

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