Of spinach, scrabble and spider-pigs


Monday :
- slept in.
- a trip to Mount Macedon with parents, friends and in-laws. The latter decided that if we move to Australia and can't find a fabulous beach front property on the Great Ocean Road, we should think about this part of Victoria. Ahem.
- saw a koala in a tree. Eating leaves. As they do.
- climbed Hanging Rock. Didn't have a picnic. And we didn't lose anyone on the way up. That was a relief.
- saw a couple of herds of kangaroos, basking in the late afternoon sun. The Frenchies were excited.
- ate the most delicious meal ever at a little café in Yarraville. Best. Lemon. Tart. Ever.

At hanging rock

Tuesday :
- slept in.
- ate a vic market fresh lunch. Spinach! Pine nuts! Cream Cheese! Mmm!
- waved in-laws off, back to france.
- played a couple of games of Scrabble. Got a 7 letter word on my first go. Yep - still got it.
- said a couple of things I shouldn't have in front of small children. (Mental note : learn tact and subtlety)
- got swept up in excitement and voted YES in booking trip for ten to Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. Next week! Whee!
- ate pizza, and spent evening doing research on climate (yes! swimming! in the australian winter! hoorah!), activities (people will be delighted to hear that we will be snuba-ing on the Great Barrier Reef) and potential for a wifi connection (still not sure whether we'll have to sell a kidney in order to afford it up there or not).

Wednesday :
- slept in.
- exchanged emails over potential for wifi on Hamilton Island. Getting even more excited.
- saw the Simpsons movie. Spider-pig, spider-pig. Hilarious.
- helped sister make enough curry to feed a small army. This over-catering thing seems to be a common problem in our family.
- ate curry. Laughed with sisters new husband and his family. Lovely people.
- pinched sisters bum. As is my job.


Sounds like a great trip so far!!

I've have "spider-pig, spider-pig" in my head for almost a week now!!

doin' whatever a spider-pig does...

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