Hot buns (the Easter kind, not the saucy kind)


Oh, and of course now I want hot cross buns too. I'd even eat smoked cod with gross white sauce, just for the chance to have one in my little hands, hot and buttery and oh-so-delicious.

I might have to throw some flour around today and see what I can do. This is a recipe that I've been drooling over for months, and seems to be a good compromise, given, of course, that I can find some buttermilk. *sigh*


Good luck with the cinnamon rolls.

Oh but, hot cross buns! From Baker's Delight, or Brumbys, or even Safeway's would do.....

Sweetie, you can replace the buttermilk with plain yoghurt, sour cream, or 1 cup whole milk + 1 tsp lemon juice (leave it for 10 mins to curdle)...

But Yorik brand buttermilk should be in the cool section of your supermarket!

Doh, Antipo, you beat me to it - I was going to offer up the same tip!

Oh Stella, I agree... it really doesn't matter from where, as long as I could have one. ah well. hopefully the cinnamon rolls will appease the soul hunger a little ;)

And Antipo, this is exactly why you are my domestic goddess. Bloody marvellous, you are. And Sam, too, of course ;)

Or you can try lait ribot or kefir milk as substitutes too!

If you want an actual bun recipe, there's one here,

I haven't made them because I'm lazy, but they look pretty good.

I would like it put on record that some people actually LIKE my smoked cod recipe... Just for the record, the cod is simmered gently for about 10 mins, then you drain the cod. You will need to make a generous amount of mashed potatoes, so while the potatoes are boiling, chop an onion very finely, and fry it in some butter, before proceeding as though you were making white sauce. When it's all done, assemble as follows:
Smoked cod, onion white sauce, mashed potatoes, grated cheese. Bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes until the cheese is golden, and the sauce is bubbling....yummm....

I too had a hot cross bun crisis last week. I succumbed and made these...,1419,RC.html
Whilst they were good in that home-made kind of way - it wasn't the spongy, slightly chemical goodness of the industrial supermarket hot cross bun I was looking for....

These look absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I love to cook. I also love your blog and look forward to reading more. :)

Oooh Stefanie, thankyou for that tip - I often look at those things in the supermarket and wonder what to use them for.

Fiona - thanks for the recipe!

Tracey - I should have known you would have a hot cross bun craving too ;)

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