The dark side of being a big sister


When I was young, I spent much of my spare time torturing my sister. The usual stuff, for a big sister. It was fairly reciprocal, and despite the three year age difference, she quickly grew stronger than me, and could pin me down better than I could her. We hit. We bit. We kicked. We tore each others hair. Gave chinese burns. Physically and mentally, the onslaught could be brutal. And ten minutes later, we would be playing together again, as thick as thieves.

But sometimes, I was just plain mean.

I look back on those times and wish that I could step into the snapshot in my mind, sweep her up and protect her from myself.


a chinese burn? huh? where i come from we call that another politically incorrect name of indian burn. strange.

my bro and i were the same as you and your sister with roughly the same age difference. i can still remember the fear i felt one sunday night when we were probably 11 and 14. my parents always went out with friends that night leaving us to our own devices. we always fought over what to watch on TV. me, being a real dork, wanted to watch murder, she wrote. my bro always wanted to watch the national geographic animal specials. we started beating on each other something fierce this particular night. at one point he leaned over to change the channel thinking he had got the best of me. i in turn kicked him as hard as i could in the lower back sending him flat to the ground. he didn't move or say anything and all of a sudden i freaked out thinking i had paralyzed him or something. he ended up being ok, but even some 15 years later i can still vividly remember scared shitless feeling i got.

thinking about all the fights we got into growing up, it's amazing we didn't hurt each other more than we did.

I know the feeling. It's hard being the big sister! (I've got two little sisters, 2 years younger and 4 years younger.)

Don't you think you're being a bit melodramatic?

Attention-seeking, even?

Have you forgotten about the baby crocodiles?


oooh, now THAT sounds like an interesting story!!!!!

:: smirks ::

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