National pride


Won't someone bring me a bandwagon so I can jump on it?

I normally don't give a flying fruitcake about soccer (being from country Victoria, I'm an Aussie rules girl, through and through), but since the Socceroos have made it through to the next stage, well, I'm all about joining in on the cheers. Even though we're going to be crushed by the Italians in the second round, at least we made it there.


ABOUT time girl!!Been waiting for you to post something aboout the socceroo's! you can jump on the bandwagon :) GO Aussies! i hope you're wearing an Aussie shirt to work today! hehe.

Why shouldn't we win? Why the hell not? hahaha allez les socceroos! Forza Australia! olé olé olé
P.S I am a creepy lurker but some comments i will not let fly by!

Most people had been saying the Croatians would wipe us out ... but NO ... so I reckon the Italian's are gonna have their work cut out for 'em!

If Brazil didn't crush us how can you say Italy will??? I would have more faith in the Aussie team. They are solid

The Socceroos held their own against Brazil (#1 in the world) and beat Japan to a pulp. They also drew with Holland (#3 in the world) just before the World Cup.

I don't think Italy (#12 in the world if I am not mistaken) will necessarily beat the Socceroos.

I think you can stick your comments up your fruitcake and let your cat eat it, and stay in country victoria.

It doesn't matter that some might consider us underdogs - all these comments are evidence of what we could call the Aussie battler spirit.

Joe, I have a tendency to be openly pessimistic about such things, all the while harbouring a fervent secret hope that we'll jump up and walk all over them ;) So... I WOULD stick my comments up my fruitcake ;)

...except I know that I'm going to be expected to have an intelligent discussion about it today at work. If I parade around saying, "yeah, we're gonna win! go australia!", then we lose miserably on Monday, I seriously WILL have to stick my comments up my fruitcake. Better to be a closet optimist in that case ;)

well done, aussies!

Oh my - thanks for the heads up, Mark :)

yay for you Katia!!! and yay for the socceroos!!!

(btw, Gus Hiddink was the coach of the Korean soccer team during the last World Cup, he's like a GOD in Korea and my husband has worked with him on a pizza commercial last month, heehee!)

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