Another Sunday


Yesterday was a day of pure indulgence - sitting cross-legged in the grass and talking about everything and nothing with some of my favourite girls and knitting andweaving in ends and munching on carrots and taking photos and laughing and kissing babies.

I came home, refreshed and slightly sun-kissed, to find my husband had cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom. I think he's a keeper.

We went to the market this morning, stocking up on watermelon, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and some early figs - all the goodness of summer. The temperature over the last couple of days has jumped by ten degrees and it's clear that my constitution has become slightly more delicate since I have been living in this climate for the last few years, and so we have decided to hibernate in our lovely, cool apartment for the rest of the day.

I considered spending the day folding washing and doing other minor odd jobs around the apartment... but who am I kidding? Instead, I've spread my various tools of the trade out on the lounge room floor. Crochet and knitting, watching Woody Allen, purring cat curled up nearby, drinking tall glasses of water, filled with crushed ice and lemons. The perfect lazy summer Sunday afternoon. I am lucky in this simplicity.


I can't help myself..but GO THE SOCCEROO"S!! you must be stoked over there ;)

Katia can you answer a couple of questions about the Bohemian Blanket. I noticed on the post about the blanket it said you did the finishing. I would like to do something similiar for a girl in our knitting group who is pregnant. How many squares did you guys knit? Did you use a certain stitch to sew the squares together? What type of border did you create? I'll take any other suggestions you want to offer up. Thanks!

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