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We take yet another break in the scheduled programming (aka watching Aussie Lass make a fool of herself across a number of mediums) to discuss the merits of playing pink ukuleles.

Some people enter the blogging world with a reflective, thoughtful post about what they want to acheive with their blog and how they will go about it. Others simply post a series of hyperactive slightly excited entries as they test their new toy. Thus my sister makes her debut in the blogging world - I think it will be a marvellous way for her to record her experiences in Papua New Guinea.

And after her most recent post, as most long-time readers of this blog will agree, there is no doubt about whether we are sisters.

*thinks fondly of the entire suitcase of shoes that she shipped over to France when she first arrived*

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Have you ever heard 'Sorry' of Madona ... hot song. I love C# :)

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