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Here's a big difference between Australia and France. Australia deals with hot weather for a far longer period of time, so the vast majority of workplaces have airconditioning. A lot of private homes do too. Here - airconditioning is the exception rather than the norm. Trains don't have it, but buses do. Last night after the horribly stuffy train ride, I fled to the local supermarket for a little respite.

I think that one of the things that makes it worse here, even though it's not as hot as it is back home, is the pollution. The air smells horrible, hanging in the back of your throat.

We have a fan in our office. It does little more than push the hot air around, but I think that's better than if the air was still. I find it quite disconcerting to concentrate on work when sweat is trickling down my back. Sylvain has air conditioning at his work. Hmph.

On the train right now, I use my "Plan de Paris par arrondissement" map to fan myself.

I really like the look of those storm clouds on the horizon.

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