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Something that I miss doing here is "reminiscing". I love to remenisce. Particularly about stuff that I did, heard, saw as a child. I don't have anyone here to do that with.

It doesn't bother me that much - I can just whip off an email to my sister and say, "hehe, do you remember when..." I'm going to be a terrible old lady.

But it makes me realise that for Sylvain and I, there are quite deep cultural differences in our respective childhoods. I grew up watching Sesame Street (the American version) and Play School (an Australian production). I knew that he wouldn't have watched Play School (so he can't sing along with me when I feel the need to burst into song), but I assumed that he would have at least been exposed to Sesame Street.

Apparently not. He doesn't understand when I talk about Grover, or Big Bird, or Oscar the Grouch, or Snuffleupagus. *shakes head*

As we go along in years, however, our television viewing seems to have converged. I'm happy to say that my all time favourite cartoon when I was a kid is also his - The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Now that rocked.

Italian Mama

We were doing our fresh pasta thing a few weeks ago, and we had this conversation :

Katia, stirring the ravioli filling : "Wow this pasta making thing is fun, isn't it?"
Sylvain, pounding the dough gleefully and guiding it through the machine : "Yeah! It's great!"
Katia pauses, watching Sylvain do the dough : "You'll have to teach me how to do that someday."
Sylvain falls silent, and continues to guides the dough through the machine.
Thirty seconds pass.
Katia, watching Sylvain patting the machine possessively, "Unless, of course, it's just you who is the Pasta Specialist."
Sylvain turns to Katia, "I am THE Pasta Specialist."

Well. When he is in the house, he is the Pasta King, there is no doubt about that.

But he's not home yet and I want to make fresh pasta for dinner. I'm going to give it a shot. Watch out world.


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