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They say on the weather

They say on the weather tonight that there is supposed to be snow tomorrow but they said that about today too. it snowed for about 2 seconds - just little white bits of fluff which were wonderful but hardly enough to be called snow. I don't know why I'm so excited about it. Probably because I never get to see it in real life ;)

My mother never ceases to amaze me. Last week she was completely blas� about the single status certificate, I had a great big sook on here about how she didn't tell me that she hadn't received my email about it ... oh I could go on and on. Well it arrived in her mailbox yesterday and this morning she went to the DFAT, got the apostille attached to it and my birth certificate, and put it all in the mail. This is heart attack material. She is the most unorganised person on earth, and she received the certificate and posted it all done all within 24 hours. Oh I love my mum :D I didn't think she'd do it, I thought I would have had to email-nag for another week... but no - she did it! yay! This means I need to get to the Embassy here and get the Certificate de Coutume done. I need to do that next week. oh and the medical checks. eek! so much to be done!!!

I wonder if I can convince sylvain that we can go to the Louvre tomorrow. If not there, perhaps Montparnasse cemetary for a wander... I asked him what he wanted to do this weekend and he said "sleep". hehehe. he's working hard though, I'll give him that! We ordered the engagement ring a week ago tomorrow. This means that it should be done in maybe one week! ooooooh woopsie doo! i can't wait to wear it! *does another happy ring dance*

I went to the patisserie, as usual, today to get our demi-baguette. The little lebanese man in the "alimentation generale" store always talks to me, and this time he was outside the store and started talking to me when i was about 5 metres away (instead of 2 steps, like usual, a fact that means we had far more opportunity to have a longer conversation than usual). He said "�a va?" as usual... I said "ouiiii, �a va bien, et vous?" (being the polite little foreigner that i am). He said "oui �a va �a va" and then said "et ton marie?" and I must have had that stupid i-don't-understand look on my face which I always wear when I'm processing french because he said it again, then quickly said "c'est ton marie?" and I said "oooh il est mon fianc�". And that was the end of that conversation :D I like saying that. "mon fiance". hehehe.

Solutions for homesickness :

- think about how HOT it is there at the moment. be thankful it's 1�C and I get to wear a wonderfully warm coat
- get off my butt and go to the Louvre or Montmartre tomorrow with Sylvain - thus see something incredible that I just don't have in Australia
- eat REALLY french food, maybe that will stop my cravings for aussie nibblies
- write a big long email to mum, then alexis, then charlie, then barbie - perhaps by then I'll be sick of them all. hehehe.
- draft the official engagement announcement note
- hope that it's going to snow. do a snow dance to the snow gods and hope hope hope hehehe.

I really really really wish that I could have at least one australian here for the civil ceremony... :(

Spoke to Sylvain last night about possibly just not using the return ticket - he agreed it might be the way to go... Especially if I can actually find a job!

I found the blog of a Brazilian girl yesterday... her name is, coincidentally, Katia. (aside: That's just too weird. It's my name. hehehe. I know it's common here in Europe, but in Australia I know not a single other person named Katia, so it's just strange). Anyway, she's living in England with her (English) husband and suffering similar experiences with homesickness... It's nice to know I'm not alone... This is one of the hardest things I've ever done :(

Well. That was brief.

Well. That was brief. After I posted that previous thought *points down*, I went and sat on the back of the couch, looking out the window. The snow lasted for about 1 minute. hehehehe. Anyway. I just went down to the patisserie to get some bread and it started lightly snowing again - just a few little flakes floating down and landing on my coat, in my hair, one on the end of my nose... I wandered back very slowly, with a big grin on my face (I'm sure I looked like the village idiot LOL), but it is just beautiful. It's very cold, but it's the most beautiful thing ever. I really think my mum would be enchanted by it too :) I think that I'll definitely be spending some time sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window this afternoon, in the hope to see more of those magical little flakes... it just gives such a wonderful feeling in my heart :) drives away the homesickness... I need to take the joy in these little pleasures in our life :)


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